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Solar Electric, Heat, & Hot Water

10 KW off-grid PV solar electric system with battery backup, and propane generator
360 square foot solar heat and hot water system with 600 gallon storage tank, radiant floors, and geothermal heat pump.

 Solar Heat & Hot water

160 Sq. Ft. Solar Heating and Hot water system with 300 gallon storage tank, radiant floors and earth-coupled geothermal heat pump.


Solar electric, heat & hot water

7.2 KW grid-tied PV electric system w/ battery backup.   Also 200 sq.ft. solar heat & hot water with radiant floors.


 5.4 KW Solar Electric

5.4 KW grid-tied PV Electrical System with battery backup


 Solar Hot Water

80 square foot,. pure water drainback,  solar water heating system with 80 gallon solar storage tank